What's it like to work with me?


DO YOu want to know a secret? I've not always liked having my photo taken

When I was a child, I was SHY and VERY CAMERA SHY there are a LOT of family photos where I'm in them but just my legs! hiding behind my mum - I even ruined my uncles wedding photos as I wouldn't show my face! - (He still reminds me!). I seem to have passed this down to my eldest daughter as well, as she is always hiding from the phone or camera - so I get it, I know what it feels like to have a camera pointing at you.


I also know that I need to show up and be the face of my business, and now the more i do it the easier it is!


Packages start from £495 Payment options available.


When I get my brand images done by a BUDDY PHOTOGRAPHER, and i get them back the feeling of the ones I love REALLY does lift me, it makes me feel CONFIDENT and PROUD to SHOW them and use them on my socials and other places, The feeling when you see images of yourself that you LOVE is PRICELESS.


More than a Headshot! This reveals who you are and what your brand is defined by.

We start with a Brand workbook to design and work together and plan your shoot, we discuss and formulate the shoot over zoom or in person planning the key shots to make sure everything is covered.

We arrange a date and timings discuss locations and outfit changes and accessories, props, personal accessories to be included in Flat-lays.

We spend 1 hour taking the shots, ill direct you on poses to help you feel comfortable -we will have fun!

By creating a set of beautiful on brand images that define your style and will connect you to your ideal clients.

After the shoot Ill personally edit and retouch each image ready for your digital portfolio.

You can choose up to 20 images from your personal online gallery all available in Low res and High res whenever you want.

You can purchase extra images if you so wish.


Put the face behind the brand, creating beautiful imagery that you can use for you social media and marketing, imagine images that are fresh, modern, images you love that tell your story and connect to your brand, images that define YOU!

How do we do this? Firstly, I get to know you and your product, what your selling, what your service is...then I spend my time creating the must have shots for your session.

During our discovery call we discuss styles, likes and dislikes, I help you with clothing choices, props, accessories and items that will pull through to the marketing message you are creating so you can really connect with your clients, so they feel like they KNOW you, so they LIKE you and so they TRUST you.

With my workbook we create the main shots you need for your marketing plan. This package will give you around 150 images and allow for 3 different outfit changes in up to 3 separate locations. This 3-hour shoot will ensure you have 3 months' worth of media content to increase your visibility and attract your ideal clients and therefore grow your business!

After the shoot, I will personally go through each image and set them up in a personal online gallery where you can access them whenever you need to.

Images will be available in Low res and High res and a mixture of Black and White and colour.


This is a custom created shoot where we start right at the beginning (does not have to be in January! ) This is an ideal package for new start-ups where the brand message can evolve and alter through the year as you develop your business. If you recruit fresh staff, we can include them as and when your business grows.

This package gives you unlimited calls with me to discuss each stage which is split into 4 main shoots or if needed 6 mini shoots covering 12 hours photography in total and giving unlimited downloads of the images which are held in a personal locked gallery

After your sessions, the images will be colour corrected and made into a choice of black and white and colour and available for Low-res and High-res downloads.

You have a custom workbook specific to your business and we revaluate the images and brand message you are conveying at every stage; I can also collaborate with make-up and hairstylists and image consultants to achieve the on brand look you want.

A years' worth of Imagery that you can use for social media, book launches, website, PR, marketing profiles and email marketing, business cards, newsletters, to name but a few.