Brand Photography in a nutshell is visual imagery that shows your business, who you are and what you do or sell.

Personal Brand photography is showing you and what you do in your business, It's a culmination of ideas your values your skills and your personality and feeling that are you and your business. So yes it's more than a headshot.

These are images you are proud of, images that make your marketing so much easier"

SO WELCOME - This is the first step - Well done you've taken action and your looking into it.

Read on and lets see if we can work together.



Hi Welcome

Are you here because you think you should be here? - Well done though! Because investing in Brand photography and connecting to your ideal clients through visual imagery is a smart idea so WELL DONE :)

"These images are for your potential clients, Not you! "

"I'm a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Personal Branding!"

"Picture your ideal client, What do you want them to see?"

Do the thing that makes you feel 1MillionDollars before your shoot meditate, Espresso, Run or put on Lipstick what ever it is - Make sure you have time for you.



“The shoot itself was great fun and Helen’s humour kept me relaxed. I was nervous as I had never had photos professionally taken before, but Helen soon put me at ease and we worked together to capture the images.”