The most important thing you can do right now is invest in your business

First impressions count, make sure your making the right impression, if you want business growth you need to show that you are serious about your business and that your willing to invest in it.

By using professional images you will have a bespoke bank of images that are unique to you and are aligned with your business, Professional images work hard for your business they give you confidence and a necessary investment if you want to grow.


What should I wear for my Personal Branding shoot

I always say wear what makes you feel great and wear what's comfortable, If your not happy with your clothes that will show in your images, maybe stear away from all black and all dark colours, it all depends on where we are shooting but we can discuss in depth on your pre shoot call or have a read as I've covered this in a blog

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm in Worcestershire - But yes I can travel. mileage is charged at 0.45ppmile out of my 10 mile radius this we all run through when we plan your shoot so no nasty surprises!

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 1 weeks (I do try to do this with in a few days as I plan in the edit time right after the shoot day so not to avoid a backlog). If your working to a certain deadline then let me know and I'll do my utmost to get them to you for that.

How many pictures will we receive?

This will depend on the package you have chosen. The images from our shoot will be displayed on a pin protected gallery for you to chose your favourites and the amount with the package you have purchased. If you want more after the shoot that's also ok and there is the ability to purchase more from your original session at a later date - but absolutely no pressure or obligation to do so! :).

Do you have a question?

Happy to answer any questions you have either book in for a discovery call or email or contact me through social media.

Do I have the copyright to the images?

When you pay and book for a shoot I will send you a contract this is the section in the contract to cover you and me and let you use them for YOUR business use on social media website and PR.

Under British copyright law, I understand that Helen Yandell Photography holds the copyright to my photos / images as the photographer for the resultant creative work. However, I understand that Helen Yandell Photography will transfer usage rights to me along with the commercial license to print, duplicate, and share my photos as set out in the Commercial Use section in this contract once she has received final payment from me [THE CLIENT]. Said images may not be altered or used in any manner outside what is prescribed in this document without prior written permission of Helen Yandell Photography. The CLIENT must obtain written permission from and compensate Helen Yandell Photography prior to the CLIENT, its associates, friends or relatives re-distributing or selling the photographs for any reason not prescribed in this document.

Do you give me the Raw images?

The raw images straight off camera are in a file type that's of no use to anyone unless you have the correct software to access them, I will give you the edited images in a low res format which are ready to go straight on social media and a high res set which you can use for publications, launches, websites and printed material. in Jpeg format

Will you make me look thinner and remove all the wrinkle lines?

This is a very popular question! in short NO I 'm all about capturing authentic images of YOU that LOOK like you! so I will do a LITTLE retouching on a spot that has just appeared that day but I wont go overboard as I want it to be the real you in the photos and that's how potential clients will connect with you if your REAL and authentic. Rest assured though I have Photographed people for over 20 years so I'm well versed in making you look good and all about flattering you - part of our initial consultation is to find out what bits your not comfortable with so I can be aware of that when we have our session. - Relax you are in good hands!