About ME!

Hi, I am Helen Yandell

I am a brand photographer with over 20years experience in Photography. Initially studying at Ludlow College in a darkroom learning the basics I went onto travel and Study Photography at Helsinki UIAH school in Finland as part of a BA (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University. It was all film and paper back then so a great basis to learn to get images right first time!

I then pursued a career as a ship's photographer travelling the Caribbean, American and Canada, since then I have touched in various genres of photography from Schools photography to family portraits with a leading franchise until I had a break to look after a young family and run my own business. Now I'm back doing what I love creating beautiful images and creating a bespoke experience for small business.

I operate mainly in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire. I Love to travel so always up for a few days out! :)

Click on the link to find out more and book a coffee and a chat with me :)

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My passion is HELPING other people, I found out when I was pretty young that being a Nurse was not a career I was going to pursue (I'm not good with blood!- although I regularly donate) Helping small local businesses is what really makes me HAPPY, I have had a few businesses over the years, High street independent and also part of an international franchise so I have always been involved in business, I love to see the end results and the difference I can make through amazing images.

My Passion

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What do I like doing?

Well I'm pretty TIMEPOUR so IF I do get some ME time, It will probably include a Gin and tonic or glass of Wine (or both I'm not fussy!) and listening to some audio book, sat outside in the fresh air in the summer or by the log fire in winter these experiences are few and far between but I'll try to catch a snippet of me time when I can, Just a walk in the fresh air and being out side is good for the soul.

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