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April, May and June ! Wow were nearly half way through the year?

Wood there's a lot of wood interaction going on here. Chopping stacking and more chopping and stacking (no not just because we ran out of oil and had to wait 2 weeks for a delivery ! :) )

Walks a lot of walks with a dog, without the dog, with kids without kids all good and muddy!

Decorations a first and something to be proud of the tree and decorations came down before the 12th night (the boxes are still sat in a stack waiting to go into the shed BUT they were down for the first time in many years.

Messing around with lighting and bribing the kids to be models to test it out :)

Listening to Adelle, Ed Sheeran and some great mixes from " Club Blanca" young and old one :)

Reading Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic and Leader X by Lucy Barkas.