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Wow we are over halfway through the year!

What's on my Phone?

Listening to Adelle, Ed Sheeran and some great mixes from " Club Blanca" young and old one :)

Reading/Audio Books Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic and Leader X by Lucy Barkas. The Midnight Library but MATT HAIG that's a MUST!

Green foliage on forest floor


Walks a lot of walks with a dog, without the dog, with kids without kids all good and muddy!

Decorations a first and something to be proud of the tree and decorations came down before the 12th night (the boxes are still sat in a stack waiting to go into the shed BUT they were down for the first time in many years.

Thank you card and Lily


This is the month for GRATITUDE. to be thankful, one of my practises I try to do daily - I have a few of these beautiful THANK YOU cards dotted around the house and when I catch a glimpse of them it reminds me to STOP SLOW DOWN and appreciate what I truly have GOT.

Helen Yandell Photography Interiors


So, March is the month of interiors. Lovely being inside and avoiding the cold, still got the fire going at home and generally the stacking and hoarding of wood is coming to a standstill. (Not because I ran out of Oil and had to wait for 2 weeks for a delivery! BURRRR CHILLY

Helen Yandell Photography  Flatlay felt Easter Bunny and eggs


Spring and the warmth of the sunshine, and of course EASTER, I love the opportunity to decorate around the house and then spend the rest of the year finding random bits I've missed in the clear up! No one's too old for the Easter Bunny and we have a special one that leaves a Easter Egg Hunt for us in the garden each year #nevertoooldfortradition


Love Love Loving the sun at the moment, Photo of me with some dandelions which I carried back home whilst on our 2 hour walk with friends, and I was assured by small people that "We really need them" which as usual didn't get a second look at once we got home!

Washed out sunset Helen Yandell Photography


What a wash out after months and months of planning, the day of the village fete its torrential rain! this is the gazebo drying in the rain outside whilst I have a well-deserved glass of wine! #English Summer

Toothless and Lunar Birthday cake


July is a BUSY month with 2 birthdays just days apart - no chance of a combined party though! SO as a tradition I always make the birthday cakes, they vary in quality! but it's a special time so I always make the effort and August is the month of REST :)

Helen Yandell Photography Autumn Apple Harvest


September is HARVEST time here, we are SO lucky to have 2 apple trees one is a eater one a cooker, the eater has 4 different varieties grafted onto it! #cidermaking #applewine!

Red Labrador in Field Helen Yandell Photography
Sunset over Field Helen Yandell Photography