Perfect dress to have included on a Brand shoot - Worcestershire -Helen Yandell Photography


So, you have been brave, you have booked your shoot and you are all ready and set with a Photographer a location and an outline of the shoot. You have discussed the style of images, and the messages and the sort of images that you are going to get. BUT what do you wear? 

My advice is always the same, wear what you are comfortable in. and I mean it, wear something that makes you feel amazing! Something that makes you feel good and something you LOVE! 

 You are going be in a different situation being in front of the camera, you will not feel 100% relaxed, you may feel a little bit outside your comfort zone, so as a result to counteract that you want as little things as possible distracting you, and as little interfering with your mindset. - Your mindset being I AM AMAZING! AND I AM GOING TO ROCK THIS! - And you will trust me I am a photographer :) 

 I am sure your photographer (if it is me) will be trying to make you feel at ease, they will be joking around and getting you to relax. The last thing you want to be feeling is uncomfortable in the clothes that you have chosen.  

So that is why my advice is wear something you are comfortable in. 

If you are not wearing clothes that you are feeling great in then this will show in the images as you will be pulling at them, readjusting them and all this will add to that feeling of I am not enjoying this. 

So, make sure your clothes fit, and that they fit you well, not too baggy, and not too tight, you want to feel good, well you want your clothes to make you feel amazing!  

Make sure you decide and commit to your choice of outfits a week in advance so there is no last-minute rush and stress, you want to take all the stress out of your shoot as much as possible have your clothes choice hanging up at least a week before and make sure everything is laid out ready the night before, separate the clothes that you will wear to get to the shoot put your accessories, glasses, scarfs, and jewellery in a bag and make sure they are packed ready to go! 

Image of bracelet and rings as accessories for a brand shoot - Worcestershire -Helen Yandell Photography

What to wear underneath


ER HUM! Undies!! 

Underwear is so important and if you are like me, your shape is not where you want it to be at this time of your life, then here are some ideas. 

One I can fully recommend and that I have tried and tested that really does wonders and makes you feel good is …. (Well, they work for me anyway!) 

Shaping underwear!  

 I have found a great section in NEXT (other brands are available disclaimer)– no it is not granny-ish but it is what I will call a secret support for those of us are bigger than we want to be and were not happy with where our body is in this stage of our lives- this could be either through having children, lifestyle i.e., too much Wine and tasty food or that “perimenopause” stage of our lives. 

It is a fantastic range in underwear, similar to the feeling of putting on a tight swimsuit, I really does make me feel great and covers the areas that I am not too comfortable with by smoothing them out a bit or as my friend says, “repositioning that fat to other areas!”  Well either way I know if I am wearing this supportive underwear it does just that, but it does make me feel a size thinner and gives me that cloud nine feeling it really does make me feel great! Whatever it takes Ladies!  


Transporting your clothes to the shoot also needs a little thought, my advice is to bring your ironed clothes on hangers, if you have spent the time ironing them because they need it, then scrunching them into a bag is not going to do you or them any favours. 

So, by wearing a few outfits that make you feel amazing it will automatically have the knock-on effect to empower you and give you confidence, confidence that can be seen through the lens, and through your smile, remember wear outfits that show you, the real you. 


Brand colours, these are the colours that represent your business they are not you! So, it is not obligatory to wear your brands colours although that is a popular decision and fine if it works for you. If you do not have your brand colours in the form of clothes then do not go out on a mission to buy a whole new wardrobe unless as above, they fit well, and they make you feel good. 

 Brand colours can be utilised in other ways and become important and used in other contexts e.g., within the visuals in your marketing, you can also achieve this with social media posts through using Canva and using the brand toolkit to put together posts that are aligned with you brand look and incorporate your brand colours from there.  


Photographers are always willing and ready to help advise with outfit choices whilst on the shoot or in the preparation stage, some may say no strong patterns and spots, but there are some situations where this will look ok, I usually say no to head to toe in black because whilst slimming in person, when you are in front of the camera it can look like one big block, and then make you look bigger. 

Perfume what ever makes you feel great for your Brand Shoot - Worcestershire - Helen Yandell Photography


Think about practicality of your shoot especially if you are having a few shots in various locations e.g., a café or restaurant and then moving onto a park or beach having distinct locations is great for variety but have think about how you are going to vary your outfits in those locations. 

One suggestion I usually work to is start with one outfit in the café /restaurant and change your trousers and top in the café restrooms before moving off to your next location. Your other location may be outside so there may not be many places you can change easily, and this also comes down to how you feel about stripping off in public to your undies to put a different top on. If you are not comfortable in changing in public, then a solution and easy fix would be to wear a jacket for the outside images and then change your jacket or jumper, so you are not struggling to change in a public area. Depending on the season you may not want to bear all in public! Therefore, layering up with a thin top for a restaurant shoot then a jumper for outside and a few more with a jacket will give you 3 different looks. 

This will make each scene  totally different, if you are a PT or gym instructor you may want to show off your physique if you are not you may not want to have bare arms and any skin on show, it is all ok and being authentic and who you are is really what it is about as when you are the real you, you will attract the right kind of people and build up your business with the right people for you. 


Using stylish classic items will mean you can get more longevity out of your images, rather than one with slogans that say “2022 is the year” across it. Which may limit you, that said having a brand shoot is something that once you have done it the first time it will not be as daunting to do again and again and you really should have them regularly, as regularly and as often as your business changes and to keep it in line with your marketing.