lady leaning against wall and photographer ready to take a photo but laughing

What is brand photography? and 5 reasons why you should use a brand photographer.

Brand photography is images of you and your business, whether you are a service-based business or you are selling a product it is a suite of professional images that are aligned with the tone and feel of your brand. These images should work for you, they should attract your ideal client and help them take the next step with you, be it booking a discovery call, buying your thing, or signing up to something. 


I know we all hear it but really PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE! They REALLY DO! So, to do this you need to show up and be seen (I know this can seem scary) but if you want to make the next income level and if you want your business to grow then YOU need to be visible. 


The look of the images you use in your marketing and social media is unique and personal to you, for example 2 different businesses both selling handmade soaps will have a very different set of images for their businesses, they have different owners, different team members, different reasons of why they are doing what they are doing, different ingredients and so on and so on this is why stock images are not going to show off your business like bespoke images from a brand photography specialist ( aka ME!) 


The 5 reasons why you should be using a brand photographer. 


1) Brand photographers concentrate solely on businesses and have a wealth of experience in this field using a brand specialist means you will get all the marketing knowledge and experience they have gained over the years. this wealth of experience will add value and elevate your business from the rest. If you are a Photographer that does not mean to say you are an expert in Brand photography – because brand photographers work in a niche field and are amazing at what they do, having your friend take a few shots of you will not give you the professional shots that a brand photographer will create there is SO much behind the scenes and in the planning to a brand shoot. a Brand photographer will have a separate set of skills than a landscape photographer that's WHY photographers niche into their zones of genius and utilise their experience. (It is a bit like comparing a cook in a fast-food chain to a sous chef to a grill chef they can both fill your tummy.) 


2) When you work with a brand photographer you will get you own library of images that you can use for PR, a book launch, a book cover, website changes, social media posts, blog posts, publications, email headers, business cards, roll up banners, literature, brochures and so much more! Having this bank of on brand images that you love will save you heaps of time and money overall.  


3) Bespoke brand images are customised to your business; no other business will have them! but stock images ... well they are for everyone. 

Do not get me wrong stock images are better than NO images, but I and a lot of others can spot a stock image a mile off, think about how much time it takes to search for a stock image? And then later you find one of your competitors are using that same image – heaven forbid! This is one of the reasons why using a professional photographer will elevate your business as its bespoke and they are working for you and giving you images that only you will use. Your images as a bank ready for when you need them, images that you can dip into at any point, all of them on brand and all of them in line with your values that keep everything consistent and in line with your business. Making you look professional and adding value to your business. Your images should work for you and be there for you they WILL make your life easier. 


4) You only have one chance to make a first impression! So, it better be a good one, if you have invested time and money into your business then to use stock images or inadequate quality selfies then you have fallen at the last hurdle- your visuals are vital to setting a standard and expectation to your clients. Did you know visuals are processed much faster that text? having images that work for you and your business is really a no brainer. An investment in professional services will get you more leads and drive sales you will an increase in social media followers and your first impression will be an amazing one. 


5) Your brand photographer will work with you to show your USP and that is done though visuals so it will stop the scroll and let your ideal clients connect with you. Your images will help your customers and followers to make a connection with you and have good feels about you. It is all about the know like and trust factor. 


So, have I convinced you that Brand photography is necessary for your business, and it is an investment? I hope so, because all the time and effort and late nights you put into your business needs to be shown and shouted about by using the right visuals and I can help you with that. 

lady leaning against door photographer taking shot of her