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When to do your first big exhibition

I took the plunge and decided to book my first big paying exhibition and BIzfest seemed like the right event to get involved in it was a day of learning, Workshops and Networking. Also I loved the RWC crew and the support from them for my Business

Instead of having just a stand and using a lead magnet to capture contacts I decided to take it a step further and give away a Free headshot there were a few reasons that I did this. Most of my clients seem to know that they need to be visible in their business but possibly lack the confidence to take the plunge and book a headshot session, it’s a bit like having it on the “To Do” list and always putting it off.

 You need to feel relaxed and confident with your photographer to get a natural smile and stand in front of the camera so offering a FREE headshot was a way of people getting to know me and how I work and them also getting an updated headshot with the hope that they would invest and work with me in on a shoot in the future.

 They got to experience my process through the email prep before the shoot, giving ideas about style, clothing and the vibe that they were looking for after the shoot they had their images in a pin protected on line gallery so they could choose their favourites, In the subsequent emails I showed them how to create Social media posts with graphics with their images and I included all the many different ways that they could use it in their marketing from Profile shots to email footers.

I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years and worked in many genres the last few years I set up Helen Yandell Photography which is focused on helping businesses get visible so that they can relate and attract their potential clients in an authentic way and get to know them through visuals to take that next step with them.

 I’m an advocate of having a lot of images of yourself and showing what you do on your website through photographs. Showing up on your social feed so that your Ideal Clients can Know Like and Trust you easily.

 Currently I work with solopreneurs and small businesses that need lifestyle headshots and images for social media and websites and I am also launching a new package for my Foodie clients this year which gives them a whole suite of images for their business showing the staff that make the business including the interiors and also the fabulous food!

The Bizfest event was really well received, and it was great to chat and connect to people in between the headshot sessions there were so many places around the Porcelain works that made great backdrops for the Photos each of the attendees had a totally different background and feel to the shots.

The feedback I got for the event was great.

Thanks Helen

There are some lovely images captured in here. How amazing to capture these in just 15 minutes. You were so lovely too, Thank you. 


Jo x 


Well I thought it was funny!